Easily create and deflicker timelapse videos with Sequence

Oslo, Norway - Frosthaus today is thrilled to announce the availability of Sequence for the Mac. Sequence helps photographers and video makers easily build timelapse movies by from multiple photos. The advanced deflickering engine in Sequence can remove brightness flicker from the source photos before rendering to video in industry standard formats.

With Sequence, timelapse photographers and video makers can import photos in most image formats supported on the Mac, including RAW, and preview the timelapse using a familiar timeline-based interface. The timeline also renders a graph of any brightness flicker commonly caused by shutter or aperture variations in the DSLR source camera. Sequence has an advanced deflickering engine which can remove such flicker before rendering the timelapse photos to video encoded in industry standard formats such as H.264 and Apple ProRes.

"It's incredibly easily to put together a timelapse from hundreds or thousands of photos" said Johan Srensen, Founder and Owner of Frosthaus. "The timeline-based preview is a great way to see the entire timelapse without rendering it to a video file first, and the deflickering engine has saved quite a few of my timelapse movies".


  • Import photos in common formats such as RAW, JPG and TIFF
  • Timeline based preview
  • Deflickering; removes small brightness fluctuations for smoothest possible video
  • Export video encoded as H.264, uncompressed or Apple ProRes
  • Multicore and GPU based rendering
  • RAW & 4K support
  • Sharing directly to Vimeo
  • Built exclusively for the Mac
Built from the ground up for the modern Mac it makes full use of multiple CPUs and rendering on the graphics card, along with full 64 bit support, this ensures Sequence will be able to handle both large and small timelapse sequences with ease.

System Requirements:

  • OS X 10.8 or later
  • 64-bit processor
  • 2.7 MB'

Pricing and Availability: Sequence 1.0 is available today for OS X Mountain Lion and is $19.99 in the Mac App Store in the Photography category. Reviewers can request a promo code from Johan Sørensen.

More information: http://frosthaus.com/sequence

About Frosthaus

Frosthaus AS is an independent software company in Oslo, Norway that specializes in bringing professional software to the Mac and iOS. Their first product, Sequence, is a Mac time lapse editor for professionals and amateurs alike.

Founded by Johan Sørensen after over a decade in the industry working with various platforms and several successful iOS apps under his belt at previous ventures, Frosthaus was created to build his own high quality Mac and iOS apps.

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