You've spent hours taking photos for your time lapse — with Sequence you don't have to spend them in post.

Sequence makes it easy to quickly assemble a video from your timelapse photos

Keyframed White Balance New

Set one or more keyframes to adjust the temperature and tint and Sequence will interpolate the values in-between the keyframes.


The deflickering engine removes most flicker introduced from shooting in aperture or shutter priority.

Project Documents New

All your time lapse adjustments are saved in a project document and you can easily add or remove photos from multiple folders or individual files.

Render & Export

Export a folder of timelapse photos with ease to a number of formats, such as the industry standard H.264 and Apple ProRes, or as resized images.

Timeline-based Preview

Scrub quickly through photos and preview them as you go, whether it's the original or deflickered photos.

Full RAW & 4K support

Sequence reads most RAW formats, and will gain support for new ones when OS X does. And of course Sequence supports rendering to 4K resolutions and beyond.

Built for speed

Multicore flicker analysis and GPU-based rendering makes Sequence fast.

Built for you and your Mac

Retina graphics. 64 bit. Fullscreen support. Cocoa all the way down.


Share timelapses directly to Vimeo or share by Email, AirDrop or Instant Message.

Autosave & Versions New

Full support for Mountain Lion document features such as Autosave and Versions.

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